Bridal hair accessories and jewellery trends 2024

From bows to statement earrings, crowns and chokers, bridal hair accessories and wedding jewellery, bridal fashion is bursting with all kinds of new accessories. Here’s my take on 2024 trends.


There’s no denying it, we’re going to be Bow crazy in 2024 from chiffon and soft silk to a more structured bow. I chose the latter for my new Spirit collection. I thought why not make an opulent statement bow and that’s where the idea for the Kindness Bow filtered into my myriad of bow design ideas. Hundreds of Austrian glass pearl beads in varying sizes, to create interest and texture, are sewn on to the bow creating what I like to call the ‘Queen of Bows’.

I couldn’t resist making a smaller bow but with long elegant tails and a beaded knot, my Wisdom bow. The addition of hand beaded initials to the tail ends offers a truly personal and whimsical touch to the bow.

Both sophisticated bows are made in a heavy matt satin that ensures they will keep their shape all day and night.  


Yes, they’re still here in all shapes and sizes. Their lustre offers a subtle glow that can only enhance any beautiful bride. I am basically obsessed with pearls of all kinds and have used them throughout my Spirit collection. I decided to try the type of beading initiated by Native Americans and created the Purity earrings and choker using this technique. My inspiration for this design was seeing a lace dress in a shop window whilst holidaying in Spain and I think you can see the lace inspiration in the design.


They have made a huge comeback and I think they represent a nod to the 1980’s as do some of the emerging dress fashions such as puff sleeves. Statement earrings can of course be worn alone and create a bigger impact if they are the sole accessory focus or worn with another delicate accessory.

My Purity earrings  are lightweight and although they are what I would consider to be a statement piece, can be worn with the Purity choker because both pieces are delicate and refined, not ‘too much’.

On the other hand, the Viva la Diva! Chunky Pearl earrings need no other adornment and are so glorious, they could have their own fan club. They are the epitome of what a statement piece should be.


In particular Pearl chokers are creating a buzz in the fashion accessory world and will look especially striking with a low neckline or off the shoulder dress. I designed 2 chokers for the Spirit collection, the Elegance choker and the Purity choker, both can pair with earrings in the collection. This type of choker can be worn with all dress styles from those with botanical embellishments to a more architectural dress style.


Modern floral styles and more simple minimal styles are in vogue. There is more emphasis on these styles than last years pearl headbands but truly, there is a diverse range of headpieces in 2024. I suppose you could say anything goes!    

Ultimately, you can follow the trends, adapt them or go for something bespoke and different. It really doesn’t matter, your wedding day is all about you and what you like 🤍

Much love

Jayne x

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