The Spirit Collection - new bridal headpieces and wedding jewellery

Months of planning, hours of beading and creating but the Spirit collection is finally here. My new bridal hair accessories for 2024. I have also added some on trend statement earrings and chokers.

The collection has many points of inspiration, nature, architecture… a piece of fabric. I’m inspired by something almost everywhere I look and I’m often transported into daydreams imagining how I can incorporate a shape into a design.

In this collection I have started to introduce sustainable fashion, something I have been experimenting with for some time. Some of the flowers used in the flowers crowns have been made out of recycled material. This is something I will be exploring much more in future designs.

The name of the collection is inspired by the indomitable spirit of the women I have known and admired throughout my life. The names of the individual designs are an homage to the qualities they possess.

I hope you love the collection as much as I do.

Much love

Jayne x